School Babysitters Episode 5: One Small Step



How does Usaida still have a job? The girl, unsupervised outside, climbed up and then jumped off a stair-case and while she wasn’t hurt that was pure anime power of coincidence at work. Okay, in the grand scheme of things, probably a minor issue compared to his continuously sleeping on his job but seriously how is this man still employed?


This episode was probably the weakest so far from this show with the first half dealing mostly with some second year student who apparently has a crush on one of the teachers. And logically that means he visits the babysitter club even though he clearly dislikes children and has no idea how to deal with them. He was kind of a throw-away character in a plot that was really dull so moving on.


We then get the cute kids doing cute things and creating chaos second half where the boys want to play superheroes and the girl wants to be a witch, all of which leads to the aforementioned stair jump. There’s a minor attempt at drawing a power of imagination story-line into this one but all and all it just doesn’t have much overall impact.


So yeah, not a great episode from a show that has been mostly consistent so far this season.

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Karandi James


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  1. I quite enjoy these pieces when I read them, and the lower word count does make readability easier considering one is not always motivated to site down and read a thesis length review like the ones I write. One suggestion I have would be to include a link to the previous and next articles when they pertain to an ongoing series, which may help some find the articles on the first episodes easier.

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