School Babysitters Episode 3: This is Fluff, But I Don’t Dislike It



I’m going to remove the word cute from any further reviews this season (when I remember) because there’s just too many shows with a heavy reliance on cute for appeal. The two I’m watching, How to Keep a Mummy and this one, could end up with a whole season of reviews talking about cute, though School Babysitters did manage to nearly cross my threshold of tolerance for baby talk this week.


Outside of cute anime kids being cute (and somehow other students feel it is fine to try to use them as heaters) we get a minor story about Valentine’s Day which kind of goes nowhere, meet a boy who likes kids but gets a nosebleed when he’s near them (little bit creepy), and finally meet the twin’s actor father who is apparently not really a part of their lives (go figure when you are an actor).


It is all just fluff and loosely strung together scenarios for the characters to interact in but while the pastel colour scheme, laid back music and adorably sparkly kids keep rolling out across the screen, I’m guessing few people watching will care. This is kind of empty and yet it isn’t the kind of empty that annoys. Rather it allows a relaxed viewing experience that only really crumbles if you start trying to apply too much logic to a situation that just kind of is.

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13 thoughts on “School Babysitters Episode 3: This is Fluff, But I Don’t Dislike It

  1. I see where you’re coming from. So far it’s been a cute show with no real plot (or if they were trying for one it derailed quickly) but I don’t mind. I really liked watching this episode (except for the nosebleed). So fluff in a show like this is okay for me but I have a hard time with fluff/filler episodes in shows that do have a plot. I haven’t watched How to Keep A Mummy yet but hope to soon. I hadn’t noticed until I read your post but yeah there’s a lot of “cute shows” this season.

    1. I’m not even watching a lot of the super cute shows and yet I really feel I’ve overused the word in recent reviews so I’m going to try to start removing it.

  2. Since there are so many cute shows this season, I decided to watch none of them. But I’m kind of curious about this one because I remember reading the manga and it was pretty sweet.

    1. I ended up going for the two cute boy shows (Sanrio and this one) rather than any of the cute girls. Sanrio I’ve put on notice after episode 3 because I really didn’t like the last episode, but this one I think might last the season because it really is just kind of relaxing to watch.
      Of course, I also kept How to Keep a Mummy because that was all kinds of adorable.

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