School Babysitters Episode 11: Why Don’t They Have Relief Staff?


The only actual babysitter (though he spends more time sleeping) employed in this anime is sick leaving Ryuuichi with a sudden moment of panic before the butler guy steps in to look after the kids. What I want to know is what normally happens given there is no way I’m believing that Usaida has never had a sick day before.


And of course, because this premise couldn’t last a whole episode even if they wanted it to, we then shift to part two where we see Ryuuichi’s classmate and stalker sneaking around the day care before Inomata drags her in and we find out kids freak her out. Not that I blame her really. The tears, the snot, the general potential for them to fall over is all a bit much particularly when they have multiplied in a day care setting.


It isn’t the best episode this show has offered but it also isn’t the worst by a long shot. The worst part of it is the beginning where they seriously ask you to believe they don’t have a back up plan for looking after the kids, though the fainting at the sight of bugs thing is probably a close second for worst moment. But if you want the best moment look no further than Ryuuichi’s explanation as to why he can deal with the kids.


So cute.

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12 thoughts on “School Babysitters Episode 11: Why Don’t They Have Relief Staff?

  1. I agree with your choice of best moment of the episode. I also liked when the butler/assistant guy got so much encouragement from Kotaro. Part of me would have rather seen a full episode of him trying to look after the kids than the other half that actually happened.

    1. This one and How to Keep a Mummy are all kinds of adorable. Neither show has a lot else going for it, but they certainly are cute and sometimes that’s enough to keep someone watching.

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