School Babysitters Episode 10: Sexist Dads and Impressed Chicks?


Before watching the episode of School Babysitters this week I’d read a fairly scathing review of the anime focusing on the father’s attitude to the daycare being staffed by men. At the time I read the review, thought it seemed a little bit over the top for an anime that has mostly been pretty benign (however it does regularly reinforce stereotypes and doesn’t really question some of the more problematic issues that have come up).


Then I watched the episode. I’d like to now say the reviewer did not go far enough. This wasn’t casual indifference to the reinforcement of traditional gender stereotypes, this seemed to firmly support that people should bend over backwards to accommodate those who have outdated, narrow views of the world without even an attempt at actual dialogue on the issue. I found the lack of an attempt at discussion worse than the ideas being presented given encountering someone with a different viewpoint happens, but the way the daycare dealt with this father was completely ridiculous. Needless to say, I found the first half of the episode this week disturbing.


The second half returned to its usual mix of calm and relaxing with a few social points you might want to question but for the most part you could just switch off and enjoy the brothers getting to enjoy hatching chicks. The chicks getting impressed on Kotaro and following him around the science lab is pretty adorable.

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6 thoughts on “School Babysitters Episode 10: Sexist Dads and Impressed Chicks?

  1. The series seems to be balancing alienating concepts and cute moments, but the bad is really quite overwhelming. First there’s some weird person who gets nosebleeds while interacting with kids and now there’s this stranger father with double standards.

    1. I know. It is weird given when the show is good, it gets very good but then it throws in these decidedly less than average segments and you just kind of cringe.

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