Sasaki to Miyano Episode 6 – Exams and Harder Questions To Answer

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 6

Sasaki to Miyano is one of those anime where weekly episode reviews aren’t really going to do it justice. Any given episode is a great watch but it isn’t so much about what happens as much as it is about the feels each episode is throwing off. And episode 6 of Sasaki to Miyano, as Miyano ponders (really hard) about his response to Sasaki’s confession, really leans into it being about the feels rather than actual events.

Sasaki to Miyano episode 6

The end result is I could sum up the whole episode by saying the boys go to school, sit exams, and go home from school rinse and repeat and that really doesn’t tell you anything about just how sweet and adorable this episode was.

Sasaki to Miyano either makes you go ‘aw’ or there’s very little to enjoy.

I can’t imagine how watching Sasaki to Miyano is for someone who isn’t totally swept away in waiting to see how the boy’s relationship develops. So little happens outside of their own introspection. Sure Sasaki is studying for exams and has been told he has to score high or else and Miyano has his own exams and his friends babble about their relationships, but all of that is merely the background dressing this week for Miyano to think through how he actually sees Sasaki and whether he can actually consider a relationship with a guy.

Sasaki to miyano Episode 6

And while in some stories this will he / won’t he holding pattern that Miyano has fallen into could get a little tedious, here it just plays out as adorable. Or maybe that’s just me.

Sasaki for his part is as charming as ever. While earlier episodes indicated he might be a little too possessive and eager, here he is most definitely giving Miyano the space he needs to really come to his own answer. That doesn’t mean he isn’t turning on the full charm offensive at various points, but he isn’t pressuring Miyano to rush to a conclusion or continually rubbing the question in his face.

That said, Sasaki to Miyano can’t stay in a holding patter forever so either Miyano is going to make a move, Sasaki is going to get tired of waiting, or a third party is going to intervene (and given I was behind so the next episode is already out, I guess I can just go find out which way this will go).

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 6

It is odd though that this story has drawn me in the way it has. I’m not the biggest fan of slice of life stories where very little happens, yet for some reason, provided I’m buying into the romance story, I am happy enough for romances to take their time and meander to their conclusions. Sasaki to Miyano isn’t an exciting viewing experience and yet it is one I look forward to each episode.

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 6

The one area it continues to excel in is the use of visuals. That isn’t to say it is an animation masterpiece because it isn’t. In the grand tradition of BL anime this one seems to be on a budget. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t tried to capture the feeling of each scene even if movement is pretty limited.

As we saw in Given, even a staircase can become a familiar and beloved setting if used appropriately and Sasaki to Miyano uses its soft focus and floating triangles and sparkles to amazing emotional effect episode after episode.

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 6

Okay, I’m done babbling about this boy’s love story. I’m enjoying it but I want to know what happens next and I know there’s an episode waiting for me to go watch. If you haven’t tried Sasaki to Miyano this season it is very consistent in its delivery and quality and is actually quite the sweet romance so far.

Images from: Sasaki to Miyano. Dir. S Ishihira. Studio Deen. 2022

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