Sasaki to Miyano Episode 5 – Awkward Confession And Confusion

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 5 Review

Sasaki to Miyano has finally reached the actual confession stage. Just as Miyano had managed to convince himself that he’d perhaps misheard Sasaki on the train all those months ago, Sasaki comes out with a blunt ‘I like you’. Of course the pair are then interrupted so Sasaki says he’ll wait, Miyano comes back a moment later and puts Sasaki on the spot asking him what it is about him that Sasaki likes to which he hastily answers ‘your face’ and then instantly regrets it.

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 5

While this could have been the catalyst for a fall out between the pair, instead it just leaves both of them a bit confused and anxious as this episode lets them really mull over their feelings.

Sasaki to Miyano always keeps things sweet.

The confession sequence ended up not being a brilliant out-pouring of emotions due to both of the boy’s getting flustered and distracted, but the lead up to the confession was kind of a perfect swelling of emotions. Sasaki to Miyano has moved us to a sports day and after Miyano’s race the two are sitting in the cool and just catting away (or shooting the breeze as the subtitles have indicated Sasaki said though that seemed like a really unnatural expression at the time).


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What is interesting during this part of the episode is that Sasaki’s internal thoughts perfectly capture what he likes about Miyano. He realises how fun it is talking with him and how much he’s going to miss these moments when he graduates. It is from that emotion that his unplanned confession more or less forces its way out. If only Miyano were some kind of mind-reader then he would have known exactly the depth of the feelings behind those simple words.

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 5

However the moment does pass and Miyano is left with Sasaki’s terrible answer about liking his face. And in the grand history of romance, particularly BL, he naturally doesn’t talk to Sasaki about it. Instead he broods about it on his own turning over the same information again and again and going around in circles. Though, the one question Miyano doesn’t ask himself clearly is whether or not he likes Sasaki.

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 5

Sasaki to Miyano though borrows another page out of classic romance stories when Miyano starts feeling a little sick and so is wearing a mask. This kind of echoes the story the two were discussing when Sasaki confessed as one of the characters kissed the other through a mask and then they both ended up sick (truly romantic).

Pretty sure it was Emma Stone’s character in Easy A who explicitly pointed out the trope of reading a text in class that was going to be reflective of whatever teen angst someone was going through.

While the two obviously weren’t studying BL in their classroom it is kind of the same concept, particularly when Sasaki later on has a small moment of hesitation about whether he should kiss the sleeping Miyano and whether it was okay because he was wearing a mask (fortunately some common sense kicked in and Sasaki realised kissing a sleeping person without their permission was not okay).

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 5

Though just when you think the drama has played out in this episode of Sasaki to Miyano, Hirano gives Sasaki his phone so that Sasaki can call Miyano and clear up the misunderstanding, but Sasaki wimps out. Yes he calls Miyano but promptly drops a very short explanation about not just liking his face and then hangs up on him. For those who were anticipating the confession we should have heard at the start of the episode, instead we’re left with something even more abrupt.

Though, perhaps it was enough if Miyano’s blush is anything to go by.

Sasaki to Miyano continues to be a pretty adorable romance. The main characters have great chemistry and once they finally learn to communicate they will be absolutely sweet. Though, given this is only episode 5 I guess there are some more issues to come.

Images from: Sasaki to Miyano. Dir. S Ishihira. Studio Deen. 2022

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