Sasaki to Miyano Episode 2 – Embarrassed, Confused and Feelings on Hold

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 2 Review

Sasaki to Miyano returns with episode 2 and continues to go out of its way to add sparkles and flowers to pretty much every aspect of day to day life. Actually, if you take away the dramatic pauses and visual accents essentially you have an episode where two guys occasionally meet and have kind of awkward conversations before they go about their daily grind. Which is why you really can’t separate how a story is told from your enjoyment of the story.

Because little is really happening in this episode outside of Miyano getting flustered by Sasaki’s questions about BL and fudanshi, there’s a visit to a bookstore, sharing pocky at lunch, and Sasaki dropping by Miyano’s classroom. And yet each of the encounters in this episode of Sasaki to Miyano adds a bit more to each of the main characters as we see Miyano is willing to eat the pocky even though he doesn’t like sweet things because Sasaki gave it to him and Sasaki is starting to feel very possessive of Miyano.

Sasaki to Miyano episode 2

Sasaki to Miyano isn’t in a rush and as a result the interactions between characters feel a little more organic.

If there is any red flag so far in Sasaki to Miyano it would come from Sasaki who regularly intrudes upon Miyano’s personal space and in this episode we see him taking actions such as hiding Miyano’s face after he overhears two other boys mention that his blushing face makes him look like a girl. We also see him realising his own feelings of not wanting to let Miyano go and so resolving not to touch him. However the post credit scene takes it even further where we see Sasaki getting jealous of literally everybody in Miayno’s previous class that participated in a Valentine’s event.

I’m kind of hoping Sasaki dials it down a bit because otherwise we’ll tip from sweet and straight into the usual kind of BL tropes.

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 2

However let’s focus on the positive because mostly this episode was really just calm and enjoyable.

I did like that Sasaki to Miyano hasn’t already forgotten how these two boys met (a common problem in romance where after the initial meeting and interest the story moves on without really acknowledging how it all began). Instead episode 2 directly references the fight where Sasaki saved Miyano’s class mate and it is acknowledged as a reason why said classmate isn’t concerned about this older student hovering around Miyano.

Also, the ongoing exchange and discussion of BL manga continues to hold the plot together as Miyano continues to provide volumes for Sasaki and even goes shopping for more. Sasaki even asks Miyano how he got into BL manga in the first place.

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 2

Also, there are some really cute moments throughout the episode if you take your focus away from the central duo. At one point the two are having a conversation in the school hall and out the window you see the cat leaping up trying to catch a dragonfly in the background. Nobody in Sasaki to Miyano draws your attention to this moment it is just kind of there as the two boys have their conversation.

Equally, there’s a heavy focus on the seasons changing to show the passage of time with autumn leaves falling and covering the ground dominating a lot of tis episode. This is both pretty lovely to look at and also kind of sets up the final sequence where the boys walk past a Valentine’s display.

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 2

Overall though, Sasaki to Miyano kind of suffers from the safe issues most school romances end up suffering from and that is these characters don’t actually say the important things. Which if it had only been a couple of days would make sense but as we’ve seen a fair passage of time in these two episodes it would make more sense if they’d actually had some kind of conversation about how they feel at this point.

Instead we’ll have to deal with characters blushing and getting frustrated until something pushes one or the other into blurting something out.

Images from: Sasaki to Miyano. Dir. S Ishihira. Studio Deen. 2022

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3 thoughts on “Sasaki to Miyano Episode 2 – Embarrassed, Confused and Feelings on Hold

  1. My impression of this show so far is ‘the blind leading the blind in the general direction of the closet door’ lmao. I myself don’t mind the slow burn, because from what (very little) I know of the manga there is actually payoff and it stays “wholesome”… which I take to mean not leaning into problematic BL tropes? We’ll have to see ig. But I have the same hopes.

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