SAO Now Presents: The Information Dump To Defeat All

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Sword Art Online Alicization Episode 13 Review

For all the readers of the light novels heralded Alicization as the arc that would ‘save’ or ‘fix’ SAO, I have to say 13 episodes in and the anime is not impressing. Mostly because where exposition dumps occurred in earlier seasons of SAO, due to the limited number of episodes given to a particular arc, conversations had to wrap themselves up and get to a point. However, Alicization being given a massive episode count from the beginning, is really just stretching out fairly thin subject matter and delivering episodes like this one that you could literally just fall asleep during.

Sword Art Online Alicization Episode 13

If you think I’m exaggerating, I hate to disappoint. Almost three quarters of this episode is given to Kirito listening to the Cardinal whatever as she drones on about the Administrator and her failed attempt to beat her that ended up with her trapped in the library. Admittedly, they do show some of the action, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that the events are being narrated to us which kind of takes any kind of excitement out of the sequence.

Wait, I forgot she also states that her plan is to destroy all the copied souls inside underworld except for like ten that Kirito can pick and then she asks for a hug in the most awkward manner possible made only more awkward by Kirito’s continued lack of ability to pick up on the cues of those around him.

Sword Art Online Episode 13 Kirito the collaborator

This episode is SAO at its absolute worst including absolutely everything that I do find tiresome about the franchise in one twenty minute episode with no relief to be seen. Even Eugeo and Kirito dramatically walking side-by-side through a door into a hallway at the end ready to start their climb up the tower couldn’t save this from being an absolute snore fest because to be honest I’m getting a little over waiting for things to actually kick into gear. It feels like Alicization has been making me wait a lot and now the pay-off is going to have to be huge if it is going to undo some of the general apathy I’m starting to have toward this series.

Sword Art Online Alicization Episode 13

I won’t drop Alicization. I know that. I loved Sword Art Online and I will stick with this franchise no matter where it goes at this point. However, I would be lying if I said I was actually still enjoying Alicization at this point. My enjoyment kind of peaked at episode 4 and given how many episodes we still have to go, that might be a very bad thing unless the anime starts turning things around.

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9 thoughts on “SAO Now Presents: The Information Dump To Defeat All

  1. I’m a little confused. Why spend your time watching something you’re not enjoying? Surely you can watch and review something that provides you more entertainment.

    1. But it’s Sword Art Online. Nostalgia is hitting hard because I’m really very attached to the first arc of this one. Plus, there is the potential of it improving. And, no matter how dull these last two episodes have been, it is still better than Conception.
      I’m thinking at this point my decision making skills are a little questionable, but at the same time, sometimes sitting through things that aren’t immediately rewarding can yield good results. Other times it just makes you wonder why you invested all that time.

      1. You’re, um, sweet? I mean, losing your arm is better than losing your head, but I’m not offering up either. I guess you can bla–um, credit–nostalgia, but you’re still watching something that you don’t seem to be enjoying very much. I’m just not willing to do that, but you seem to be hoping for some payoff–I hope you find it.

        1. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes it doesn’t. I look on the bright side. Watching stories that don’t work makes the stories that do seem that much better.

      1. Tastes differ. No worries. When the girl broke down in Kirito’s arms, I felt like I could sympathize with what she must have felt being alone for 200 years. And it was touching that she identifies being close to someone with being human.

        Also, I give the show credit for *not* having her kiss him, which is where I thought it was going.

        1. I just found that whole sequence really awkward as she commanded him around and he was dense as a brick about it. Admittedly, I get why she wanted a hug after that long in isolation but the lead up to it was just really clunky so it kind of took away from the moment for me.

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