Sanrio Boys Episode 9: And The Boys Go To The Beach



Admittedly, for a beach episode this one wasn’t all that painful, mostly because the show never actually tried to pretend that it wasn’t just an excuse to show the guys off in different poses and doing the usual ‘beach’ activities. Plus, given this show doesn’t really care for drama we were spared any near drowning antics so points for that at least.


Basically they spend about five minutes of the episode actually discussing the musical/play whatever that they are meant to be planning and the rest of the time either ‘refreshing’ or ‘training’ and both of those activities involve showing off the guys and not a lot else. It is kind of hard to be annoyed at the show though given it hasn’t exactly been trying for a deep and meaningful plot prior to this point so it is one of those occasions where a beach episode doesn’t lead to a noticeable drop in the quality of the story.


By the end of the episode, they still don’t have an actual idea for their performance except that Kouta decides to let Yuu write it (generous of him – we can’t collectively think of an idea so you do it). Somehow this is an acceptable decision and we end on a high note. Anime logic.

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