Sanrio Boys Episode 8: He Wants To Sparkle Now



After the ending last week you would have thought that Kouta had experienced some kind of grand epiphany. Instead we realise he is swept up in emotion and wants to sparkle but hasn’t thought for a moment about how to achieve that. In the grand tradition of anime he starts by attempting to imitate those around him With fairly predictable results.


That’s about the first ten minutes. He joins the soccer team briefly, falls asleep in the library, has his feet fall asleep at archery and fails completely at cooking. The thing is, he surely should have known that he wasn’t overly sporty after his previous show down with Yuu and the soccer ball and falling asleep in the library was just a little bit pathetic. If their goal was to make this character seem as completely hopeless as a two year old, mission successful. If it was to build any empathy for him, then I would have to declare this a mission failure.


Finally though he remembers the parade and from that Yuu actually suggests they should put on a musical. So after all of that Kouta doesn’t even come up with the idea. You would think that the rest of the episode would be preparing for that but instead they decide the biggest issue will be the budget (no script or clue what they are doing but we’ll pretend they can estimate a budget based on nothing) and so they spend the summer doing part time jobs.


At the end, we have money but still no clue what we are doing. But hey, rather than sit around in someone’s house with no idea, let’s go to the beach next episode and still have no idea.

Really, this show started out not as terrible as expected but is fast becoming a real chore to get through each week.

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