Sanrio Boys Episode 7: And We All Went To Puroland



Well, if they want to advertise their theme park, I guess this works well enough. It kind of lacks anything resembling a story and a few moments of character realisation in the last couple of minutes of the episode doesn’t really make up for that. Basically, this was like the Anime-Gataris episode where they went to a convention. While it might show the experience of friends going to a convention quite well (or in this case Puroland), what it doesn’t do is tell a story in an engaging way for the audience.


Basically, after we realise that Kouta has been ditching the friends he had at the start of the series to hang out with his new Sanrio friends (something that happens a lot in anime where the main character suddenly has all new friends and is seldom seen with the original friends), and then the Sanrio friends decide to visit Puroland on the weekend. We then see photo-ops, rides, and merchandise before they make us sit through the show/parade thing.


At least I now know how we get to the first episode where the boys were putting on a play clearly for a school festival. So at least the series has some cohesion in that regard. Still, as an individual episode, this one does not do much, unless boys with various animal ears are your thing.

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