Sanrio Boys Episode 6: We’re Finally Sanrio Boys



Not going to lie, I may have actually missed part of this episode due to falling asleep. Not that the episode was that bad (wasn’t that good either), but I was kind of work exhausted when I decided to watch it. Now, I could go back and do an episode rewatch but I really don’t think it is going to make that much difference to my overall opinion of this episode.


The Student Council President continues to try and solve everything on his own. The trio we know decide to take responsibility and get shut down. And the blonde boy is a sulky three year old. Still, all it takes is the President collapsing and an inspiring speech and we can turn all this around.


I think the post credits section bothered me the most. Blonde boy is now super friendly with the President but still hostile towards the others, despite zero reason at that point. And then our main character feels the need to articulate that they are Sanrio boys and lists each character that they like. I wonder if they felt the product placement was a little low this week?

Anyway, it isn’t a particularly good episode but it isn’t particularly bad either. It just kind of exists at this point and I’m not really into this show but I’m not really wanting to drop it either. So I guess we’ll just see out the season, unless it makes a serious mis-step in which case it might find itself dropped.

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Karandi James


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