Sanrio Boys Episode 5: Seeking An Age Appropriate Plot



Last week I mentioned that if the character had been in middle school rather than high school the plot may have worked but as it was, it just felt really odd. This week continues that trend with the new character who was introduced at the end of last week having the mentality and attitude of someone significantly younger and creating a conflict simply due to his own immature personality.


Again, if the boys were in middle school, this would all make sense as their attitudes would be fairly understandable and their learning to accept others and themselves would be kind of charming. But they are based in high school and yet carrying on in a childish and petulant manner. Given the high amount of product placement it kind of seems odd to promote your fan base as being emotionally stunted.


While I’m not dropping this, I don’t think it is going to get any better at this point in time so I doubt I’ll be recommending it any time soon. Plus, added bonus, the story this week ends on a cliff hanger so now I get to wait a whole week to find out how the student council president will have a heart to heart with the childish jerk who called him names and they can all become best friends.

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10 thoughts on “Sanrio Boys Episode 5: Seeking An Age Appropriate Plot

  1. Doesn’t it feel like all of the stories are kind of blending together? Other than the soccer guy, it seems like we’ve seen this story over and over on this show even though it’s only the fifth episode.

    1. It is a little bit repetitive as the whole I like cute things but I’m worried I shouldn’t character mode is kind of default for most of the characters.

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