Sanrio Boys Episode 12: If You Want Them To Be Six, Make Them Six


There are some anime you get to the end of and breathe a sigh of relief with the warm and happy feeling of not having to ever watch it again. Sanrio Boys is definitely one of those and for those who didn’t follow my episode reviews until now, just reading the titles linked below is more or less an explanation as to what went wrong with this anime from a reasonably interesting beginning.


But I’ll get into that in the full series review. This episode feels like an after school special featuring the equivalent of Rainbow Bright for all the talk of friendship and working together. And if you ever wanted to memorise the Japanese word for ‘sparkle’ look no further because they say it almost every other line.


But at last the play is done and the show comes to a close. Everything of course is fine and dandy even through Kouta still feels inadequate, he has the magic of friendship to save him. Ryo’s father got told that his family weren’t moving to live with him, in public, without a decent discussion, and he just smiles and thinks that’s okay that his family don’t want to live with him. This is definitely a case of don’t think about it too much, or at all if you want to make it through the episode. But it brings this particular advertisement to a close and we’ll be left with a parting shot of the adorable plush merchandise you might choose to own.

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4 thoughts on “Sanrio Boys Episode 12: If You Want Them To Be Six, Make Them Six

    1. That is of course the important thing. And it was a very cute shot of all the plush toys lined up in a V on a table. Just made you want to buy them… And then you remember the episode you just watched.

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