Sanrio Boys Episode 1: So Cute Boys Do Cute Things?



Let’s hear it for advertainment as Sanrio Boys rolls out the Sanrio characters and places them in the hands of a variety of guys. I’m sure there’s also a story about being true to yourself, the power of friendship, or something similar going on here.


Despite how snarky my overview was then, I didn’t mind this first episode. The parallels between this and A Place Further Than the Universe are pretty intense in terms of set up, though this show is decidedly sillier and has a largely male cast. Average guy thinks he is wasting his youth and is prompted to find a goal. We get a flashback to him getting bullied for liking Pompompurin as a kid and essentially giving up liking Sanrio characters and then he tries to save another boy from getting picked on by not returning his key chain in front of his classmates.


I wonder if so many of these shows come out at this time of year because they’ll end just in time for students in Japan to enter a new school year? Maybe that’s a little cynical of me to think so, but the mum suggesting prep school might give him some focus was pretty amusing given it was clearly an argument she had lost before.


Basically we already know the end point because the show started there and then the narrator told us he would tell us how they got there. We don’t know anything about the main character other than he suffers from bland protagonist nice genes and he gave up something he liked (which is apparently the reason his life is so dull now because clearly there was nothing else that could interest him after giving one thing up) and he regrets ignoring his grandmother before she died.

Much like A Place Further Than The Universe this one is going to need another episode or two. I don’t know whether I’ll end up watching either show. I will admit, I was more amused by this one, but the quality of the other one is superior. I’ll wait and see.

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10 thoughts on “Sanrio Boys Episode 1: So Cute Boys Do Cute Things?

  1. If it was strictly about Hello Kitty, I’d watch it regardless of quality, lol. I have no restraint with Hello Kitty. But I think this is a show I’d rather read about from others than experience myself. Thanks for sharing!

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