Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 39

Okay, it’s a week late but here we go.


This final episode of season 3 is everything it needs to be and not one thing more. It effectively ends the bad guy (though Sailor Moon herself had much less to do with that than you might expect – go Saturn and Pluto combo), the scouts have all advanced to high school and they set up season 4. All and all, a great way to end. A few niggles remain, particularly the fact that so little had been said about their studying for advancement to high school that you kind of forgot the scouts even had a life outside of fighting bad guys. Also handing Hotaru over to the outer scouts (when they spent a large part of this season advocating killing her) without any kind of discussion seemed a little silly.

Anyway, I loved Sailor Moon Crystal season 3 and I’ll do a full season review soon.

Sailor Moon Crystal is available on Cruncyroll and AnimeLab.

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