Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 38


Definitely Spoilers

Well, I didn’t expect Sailor Moon to go for a suicide attack, but as we all know death isn’t going to stop her from popping up again later. That’s probably the downfall of the show. Sailor Saturn makes her long anticipated appearance despite Hotaru’s apparent death last week and all and all it takes a lot of the emotional impact away from Chibi-Usa’s farewell.


That said, Saturn is very cool and was always one of my favourites in the 90’s version as well.

So episode 38 continues the fight but we already knew nothing would be resolved because we’ve still got an episode to go so I guess we’ll find out if the world ends next week (not that most of don’t already know it’s just a matter of how they get around it).

Sailor Moon Crystal is available on Crunchyroll.

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