Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 36


Picking up where we left off, the scouts continue to look for Hotaru and their enemies. The inner scouts go up the building while the outer scouts go down to the basement with Sailor Moon. You just know this is going to end badly for the inner scouts but you won’t see much of them this episode anyway. Instead we get to see Usagi’s inner fears and then her contradictory actions as she first doesn’t want to attack Hotaru’s father and then feels she has to in order to protect Sailor Uranus. It’s not particularly compelling viewing from a characterisation point of view with a lot of things happenings because it’s Sailor Moon. Fans won’t be too disappointed but it is a good representation of why some people find it just a little predictable.

Oh, and there’s a whole spirit of Chibi-Usa thing early in the episode. Don’t let being dead stop you from getting screen time.

Sailor Moon Crystal is available on Crunchyroll and now AnimeLab has caught up to episode 35.

By the way, if I’m seeming a little negative, I take it back. I really love this series.

2 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 36

  1. I understand the lack of enthusiasm here. Stuff happened, but it left me wanting for more. I am a bit impressed with how off Professor Tomoe is though. That guy has many problems. One of my favorite things in this episode was the way the animation skewed and went off-model for him as he really lets loose.

    Good review and remember to keep believing in Sailor Moon, it will probably be fantastic next week!

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