Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 35


They Sailor Scouts have begun their assault to retrieve the silver crystal and Chibi-Usa’s soul which was somehow taken with it (even though they won’t explain how or why that occurred). And of course Mamoru is left holding Chibi-Usa’s hand (he’s acting as her life support), leaving him out of the main battle except for moral support via telepathy which is certainly convenient for Usagi given her sudden round of extreme self-doubts. Possibly this is why I shouldn’t watch Sailor Moon when I’m overly tired but I found myself being reasonably critical this week:

  • Return of previously defeated villains.
  • Yet another round of we should all fight together.
  • Only male character in the entire show sidelined for very little reason.
  • The scout powers are still pretty useless.

I’m still really hyped to see how this season of Sailor Moon will end but this episode was kind of a by the Sailor numbers so didn’t offer anything particularly new or interesting. The only progress made was that all the scouts are now working together (something they could have just agreed to after the last fight) and crazy villain girl swallowed the silver crystal (which she could have done immediately after transforming). So, no progress.

I’ve totally blown my 100 words for an episode review so I’ll leave it there.

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5 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 35

  1. To be fair though, Mamo has always been a support character to the girls. Other than that, yeah the girls uniting their powers to summon captain planet…er I mean super sailor moon to kick the baddies butt was not surprising.

    1. That’s the problem when they get a new power. Suddenly the old powers cease to serve any function. Why is every villain they encounter more powerful than the previous ones? You would think occasionally they’d run into a random bad guy that they could defeat with Mercury’s withering stare.

      1. It certainly would add more to their repertoire if they did keep their old powers. It defeats the purpose of having a hierarchy amongst the villains if all of them were equal in power, plus they’d one shot just about everything. I guess it’s all about development for the ladies.

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