Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 34


The villain this week was the left over from the previous episode and played absolutely no role of significance before bein summarily destroyed and forgotten.While this often happens to Sailor Moon villains this one seemed to have had a bit more hype about them so it was kind of sad that Sailor Moon got her power up and then really didn’t seem to need it.

That said… totally pretty.


The rest of the episode is centred around exposition about Sailor Saturn but the end leads us nicely into the next challenge and promises some more drama next week.

Still loving Crystal at the moment.

Sailor Moon Crystal is available on Crunchyroll.

On that note, I nearly managed the review in 100 words this time. Wow.

5 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 34

  1. I am kinda sad Cyprine and Ptilol (also known as Cypress and Tortilla – thank you, Love and Justice podcast) didn’t get more time to shine, but I will say that their power to influence people’s emotions was very interesting. Beats the generic evil twin powers they got in the ’90s anime… even though Ptilol did literally nothing but get vaporized.

    But I will say this… LV 999: dat level cap, dough.

  2. Instant transformation, no need to wait like 5 minutes xDD (joke). Yeah SMC III is far better than the previous 2 seasons. However the revelation of mistress 9 indicates that the pacing is a lot faster, than the original ones. Which sailor moon char do you like / fav??.

    1. I was always a Jupiter fan from the 90’s series, but she’s pretty ordinary in Crystal. Honestly, I’m kind of loving Chibi Usa in this season of Crystal which is odd because she was always my most hated character in the 90’s. Yours?

      1. From the 90′ series it was Venus, now it’s Pluto. I think you pretty much nailed it, 3 of the 4 inner senshi are pretty ordinary in crystal. Only Rei stands out from the core group.

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