Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 33


Uranus, Neptune and Pluto bow down to their Princess and then, fairly tactlessly, tell her to butt out. Which of course, she won’t. Chibi Usa continues to grow as a character and is really starting to charm in this series and her ongoing relationship with Hotaru (small a segment as it may have been) was the definite strength of the episode. All and all, this was a satisfying watch and it leaves you really wanting more. Let’s hope Crystal can continue this streak of strong episodes.

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5 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 33

  1. This is a spoiler (not really) to me, but I do like Chibi Usa in this version than the 90s. She is somehow less annoying and a brat.

    1. Definitely. She was my most hated character in the 90’s, but in this version she really is gowing up and showing her potential even though she is still a child.

      1. yup and I don’t know if you were watching the dubbed version, but the girl doing her voice was super annoying too. In the manga, chibi usagi was much more tolerable and the friendship between her and Hotaru was much more valuable and meaningful than in the anime

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