Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 31


I’m a Sailor Moon fan from forever ago, so Crystal has been fantastic. Revisiting favourite characters and seeing them in a new light, with slightly better animation and much better sound quality has been a real treat. That said, I don’t have much objectivity when it comes to expressing an opinion about the pig-tailed heroine.

To put it briefly, reincarnated Princess from the now destroyed Moon Kingdom, must join with other reincarnated Sailor Guardians to defeat the forces of evil and protect the Earth, while falling in love and dealing with daughter from future coming back to live with her, and generally failing at school.

All of which sounds really generic until you realise the Usagi was a female heroine before they were trendy and she didn’t make friends with her enemies or reform them (mostly), she turned them into moon dust and usually did it with a smile – once she stopped wailing about being afraid. I could go on forever about why Sailor Moon is incredible despite the many flaws of the anime series (then and now), but I’ll get on with my episode review.


Picking up right from where we left off, Uranus and Neptune attack the Sailor Scouts leading Venus and friends to regard the new Gaurdians with suspicion. There are some touching moments this week between Usagi and Mamoru as they each try to overcome their petty jealousy and understand each other, and Chibi Usa takes a break from her usual brat act to lend a hand in bringing them together. Comparatively, the final fight sequence is pretty anti-climatic as the villain got even less of an introduction than usual and was quickly dealt with. A pretty standard episode but for Sailor Moon, standard is fine.

Sailor Moon Crystal is available on Crunchyroll.

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