Sagrada Reset Episodes 17 + 18: Too Late To Save It But Things Are Finally Moving


Review Episode 17:

It is a shame it has taken 17 episodes to get to this point where finally the audience is given some insight into how such a town came to be and what its purpose might have been. Though, outside of that, the story continues as Kei tries to correct everything he sees as wrong even though no one else seems to even care what is going on the Bureau continues to either be a faceless entity or represented by the sub-group who are clearly pushing a personal agenda that may or may not be problematic (I can’t see the future so what would I know).


Overall, Soma seems to still have things going her way but we’re still in the dark as to what it is she’s trying to ultimately accomplish. It would be nice if there was some clarity around that soon. As always, I find the idea of this show more interesting than its reality.

Review Episode 18:

That was actually a really good episode. Not just good compared to everything that had come before it, but just great to watch. You finally feel like there’s some pay off from watching through all the very stilted conversations this show has thrown at you.


The character motives still remain a little murky and at times you just have to wonder how they think things will be better if they succeed, but at least all the little incidents are starting to make sense as to why we sat through them (except the girl in the glass marble – that one is still a mystery).


There’s one more part in this particular arc and I’m really looking forward to it now. I still don’t actually think I should recommend this for people to watch. As a viewing experience it is still kind of lacking, but at least I’m starting to feel like it has been worth sticking it out.

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4 thoughts on “Sagrada Reset Episodes 17 + 18: Too Late To Save It But Things Are Finally Moving

    1. Agreed. That’s why I kept threatening to drop it in the first half because we had lots of interesting possibilities but nothing coming together (that and really robotic characterisation). Finally they are bringing stuff together and it is great but it isn’t like I can recommend watching 17 episodes of stilted character interactions regardles of what they do now.

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