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Part of me really wonders why Sagrada Reset is determined to tell its story in non-chronological order. For some shows it works and keeps things interesting but for this show, where we’re already moving back and forth in time through resets, it really just makes it harder to string together the timeline and basically you end up feeling like these events lack context.


This episode takes us back to two weeks after Soma’s death and to be honest it does answer a few questions. We start to see Misora’s absolute dependence on Kei for the resets, even if her reasoning is pretty ordinary, and we also see how Kei made the decision to continue with resets despite the death of a friend. It’s a nice bit of information about the characters but would it have made any difference if we’d seen it back when we first had Soma’s death?

The other thing I picked up that I’d already kind of figured out is that Kei is really good t sophistry. His rationalisation of his choices has always been based on a range of assumptions (some more believable than others) and his decision to use the resets anyway was no different. What was a bit different was that Misora actually picked up on the fact that most of Kei’s spiel was just that. He believed he needed to reset but didn’t believe any of the rest of his own arguments.


This show remains fun to pick apart and theorise about, but individual episodes are still pretty slow and fairly ordinary to watch. This episode was no exception basically being an extended flash back full of dialogue and absolutely no action of any kind (unless you count eating a Kit Kat).

Sagrada Reset is available on AnimeLab.

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