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Is it wrong that I felt an immense satisfaction at the end of this episode as one of my suspicions about the girl who died off camera not being dead was kind of confirmed. We don’t know why or how yet because why explain anything quickly but at least that’s one piece of the puzzle slotted into place now.

However, this episode. This was a bit of a fizzle after the build up for this confrontation with Eri Oka. Pretty much, she lost before she started and her plan was pretty flawed. The more significant part came from my deep concerns about Misora (which I already had but this episode made them a little worse).


Did I miss something where there was ever an established reason why Misora essentially believes everything Kei says without a single thought process of her own? I know she set the rule for resets around Kei’s say so but that was only because she couldn’t trust herself and she couldn’t remember the reset anyway. But trusting Kei on everything else regardless of even her own memories seems a little insane.


I did enjoy this three part story in amongst this odd little narrative given we got some actual reveals even if we’re still kind of in the dark, we met some fairly interesting characters even if they didn’t end up doing much, and Kei actually seems a bit more proactive as a character so maybe that’s progress.

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4 thoughts on “Sagrada Reset Episode 8

  1. not sure if i would consider it much of a revelation since there are still a bunch of ways she could come back. i agree on eri…her story was a disappointment.

    1. I think so. Or at least, in my opinion it has. It’s slowly moving on, also giving out some hints about the first episodes and MC’s past. I would say that you could easily skip episode 5, but you never know, maybe it will be a key point in the future for what we know (for now though, I’m still wondering why does it exist).

      I’m enjoying it for now, these last three episodes were much better than the first ones in my opinion.

    2. Probably not at this point. There’s certainly some potential plot ideas moving forward, but that’s been true since the beginning and they still might not go anywhere.

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