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I still do not actually get what is Oka Eri’s issue with Kei other than the fact that he gave her advice that apparently he has decided was not so great while she disagrees, but she is dominating this episode with her brash personality like a force of nature. In a show full of very serious characters who seldom emote, Eri’s open hostility and playful cruelty (even if her motives seem pretty vapid when not entirely muddled) is a breath of fresh air.


Of course, we’re still obsessing about the MacGuffin and I still don’t know if it is in anyway significant.

I just had one question specifically about the end of this episode though. If Oka Eri actually uses her ability to implant a memory in Misora, doesn’t that mean Misora’s reset ability will come back. And after that happens, as long as Misora actually does reset before the time limit passes, won’t the false memory be erased? So would Misora gain her reset ability back with pretty much no consequence? And if that is the case and I wasn’t totally lost on the explanation of how Eri’s power worked, doesn’t Eri realise that using her ability again on Misora would have that effect? Or does the reset not effect an implanted memory?

Well, part three of this sequence is next week and I’m guessing we’ll get to some sort of conclusion.

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2 thoughts on “Sagrada Reset Episode 7

  1. So, I really wondered if dropping this series at episode 1 was harsh.. But when someone basically says that someone with any remote amount of personality finally appears at episode 7, actually this seems like an arc that started a bit ago so I assume this chick came in at episode 6. But yeah, when I see that.. Not gonna lie, seems like a good choice to have dropped the show.

    1. If characters who are fairly emotionless bother you then yeah, the show is not going to work. I still kind of find them all intriguing, though it was nice to see a more vibrant personality on the screen for a change.

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