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This episode was surprisingly compelling after last week’s little bit of a stall for this very odd series. We started four years ago watching a young Kei Asai on a train being given a phone and essentially lured by curiosity to continue onto Sakurada. This surprised me because I thought I remembered Kei saying his parents had left and he’d chosen to stay, but now it looks like his parents were never in the town (maybe I just mis-remembered).


Jumping back to now we see a little more of the Bureau, though nothing that resembles an actual explanation, and Kei is asked by more than one person to hand over the MacGuffin only as far as we know it doesn’t do anything. That said, in terms of characterisation, this episode was leaps and bounds ahead of previous ones and we even get some actual reflection from Kei about the choice he made to die two episodes ago.


I kind of like that there are lasting impacts of this choice both on Kei and the girl he let kill him and remember doing it. The episode ends with a red eyed girls declaring herself to be a villain threatening to take Misora’s reset ability away and Kei asking Misora to reset. Between new characters, hints at the Bureau’s beginnings, character development, and quite a number of scene changes, this is a fairly dense episode for all that it feels laid back. Still no idea where this is going though.

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5 thoughts on “Sagrada Reset Episode 6

    1. That part is really confusing me about whether I’m meant to care about it, or whether it is just some random plot point.

        1. At first I loved that they called it a MacGuffin, but that’s when it seemed like that’s all it was. Now they are making if complicated and confusing. Of course, given everything else, I guess we should have expected that.

          1. yeah, i agree. i thought it was a literal macguffin meant to be used for that particular story, but now it seems to be some kind of recurring item

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