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This episode confused me a little because it starts with the girl from episode 4 being introduced to the class, we get a sweep over the class and a girl named Sera (who I don’t think we’ve seen before) and we find out that Sera is going to be in charge of the new student. Then we seem to be back when Kei and Misora first started highschool and working in the service club and they get asked to help Sera who for some reason is stuck in a marble.


In a show when we are already jumping through time with resets, it seems kind of cruel to keep jumping in time with the narrative outside of those resets. We had a two year time skip earlier and now we’re going back to previous events maybe to introduce a new character but why not just tell the story of them going to high school in the order the experience it, unless something else was happening this episode that I missed.

When the girl trapped in a marble things you are weird you should probably be worried.

So yeah, confused. No idea where this is going or why and no idea if anything in this episode was significant or not.

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6 thoughts on “Sagrada Reset Episode 5

  1. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one confused. I’m trying my best to ignore those questions and enjoy the show by feeling it, but it’s getting rather difficult to do that too. I can’t say it leaves me bored though, I find myself at the end of the episodes always saying “what the heck did I just watch?” and then smiling for no reason.

    I think I’m actually crazy.

    1. I felt like that up until episode 5. But episode 5 kind of threw me a little. The time jump for no reason that is clear really kind of annoyed me and I’m hoping we later find out there was a reason, but it is going have to work hard to convince me.

      1. Yeah, me too. For the first few minutes I was even wondering whether I had begun the wrong episode (or skipped one).

        After checking twice, I restarted it and my mind began to ask lots of questions when suddenly something switched and basically shutted those thought process. As if to say “Shhhhh, just ignore it”.

        For some reasons I feel like comparing it to Eren, Reiner and Bertholdt’s dialogue in the latest episode. It gave off the same feeling.

        1. See I liked that choice for the dialogue. It was really strange and came out of nowhere but it just seemed kind of perfect at the same time. It certainly made a change from the usual shouted dialogue in the show.

          1. The fact that the tone or atmosphere didn’t change at all made me notice the importance of what Reiner said with a lag.

            I think that they did the scene very well, though I was initially surprised by Eren’s lack of reaction, it was then explained. And next week we will have the confrontation between them? As you said, it is the contrary of first season, it just gets better and better.

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