Sagrada Reset Episode 4



I’ve got nothing. While the reveals this episode don’t really completely destroy my working theories from after episode 3, they don’t add any support to them and some of the reveals make it seem like this show is a little more about plot convenience then about making a cohesive mystery. Though, that isn’t saying it couldn’t be doing both but episode 4 was certainly full of more coincidences and throw away lines of explanation than I would have liked.


I’m going to have to do a feature on Kei at some point. His character is really asking to be dissected (probably not literally). Whichever, episode 4 solves the whole cat mystery, finds the MacGuffin (actually literally) though does nothing with it, reveals a few points of information but doesn’t give us any closer look at what the overall plot might be. It annoys me that I’m as hooked on this show as I am given the ongoing issues with its overall pacing and presentation, but I am definitely still hooked at this point.

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2 thoughts on “Sagrada Reset Episode 4

  1. It’s annoying how many issues this show has but still gets you so invested. It’s such an interesting concept that even though I’m left confused and slightly annoyed, I’m intrigued by everything that goes on. Especially now that we know what the MucGuffin potentially is.

    1. I have to completely agree with this comment. It is annoying how many issues this show has, and yet I cannot stop watching because of the concept and the thought that maybe it will do something with it.

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