Sagrada Reset Episode 23: When Going Back to the Beginning Works



Sagrada Reset has been an odd watch and as watch the penultimate episode the show is truly demonstrating that if nothing else this was an incredibly well thought out project, even if that very calculated nature early on made the series a someone stilted viewing experience and one that wasn’t particularly enjoyable in the early stages. Despite that, this episode only works because of the foundation that was carefully laid out and these last four episodes and this final arc has been an incredibly satisfying viewing experience.


As always, the characters take time out even during what counts as an action sequence, to discuss their personal philosophies and question the meaning of their actions in dialogue that really does not sound natural and yet after 23 episodes of this I’ve kind of gotten used to it as a viewer.


Kei still settles issues with threats of self-harm rather than threats against others, a throw back to one of the very first cases he worked on where he actually cut himself before a reset. It is pleasing to note that Asai Kei isn’t on some epic journey of self-discovery. He is who he is and while his views might be a little off, he remains true to them and they dictate his every action. Personally I find him too idealistic and immature to really get the admiration many of the other characters seem to have for him, but as a character he is ultimately more interesting than someone who is just going to fight to get stronger every episode. I also like that the double agendas characters have used all the way through the series comes back in this episode where Kei is seemingly trying to convince Urachi but is actually working very solidly on persuading someone else to join his side.


Unfortunately, Misora’s role in all of this was glorified secretary but it kind of looks from the preview like she’ll have a bigger part to play next episode. And I am really kind of wondering what is going to happen now Sumire has returned to Sagrada?

It is hard to say without seeing the final episode, but I really think this is a series that if you bailed out on early is worth giving another shot to now that you can binge episodes in bulk. This has become quite an interesting story when you look at the whole rather than the individual parts which admittedly are a little buggy.

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6 thoughts on “Sagrada Reset Episode 23: When Going Back to the Beginning Works

    1. Huge numbers of people dropped this one early on because really the first twelve episodes have these characters sitting around having long and odd dialogues in a very unnatural way. The premise of the show was interesting but the delivery wasn’t. I’m glad at this point I stuck it out, but I’m still not exactly going to rush to recommend it to anyone but huge fans of anime that think they have seen everything.

        1. And that’s probably the issue. The ending is probably going to end up being one of my favourite this season, but despite that I still can’t really see it being something that people want to sit through 23 episodes to get to, particularly if they are only casual viewers or, like most of us, if they already have a huge watch list of things that aren’t this much of a chore to watch early on. Certainly, for a lot of reviewers this show failed the three episode test because while there were some interesting concepts, the first three episodes there’s a lot of sitting around and talking with characters that you are still wondering if they are actually all robots.

          1. Okay, I see. Yeah…I mean I’ll take your word for it that the ending is good, but anime that takes a long time to get into…not really my thing. Shame on me perhaps…but oh well!

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