Sagrada Reset Episode 22: What’s Next, Kei?



We’re so close to the end now and I have to say, this show has becoming surprisingly great to watch in its final arc. I’m actually thinking this story would have worked much better as a binge because all that set up wouldn’t have taken months, but hours and I’d probably have tolerated it better. However, that’s hindsight for you and it isn’t as though I can go back and tell myself just to wait until this finishes airing.


Kei is getting the gang together and then faces off with Urachi in a last ditch effort to save Sakurada from having memories of powers removed. It is odd because I don’t want Urachi to win but Kei’s overall motivation is pretty flimsy. He likes the town and the powers. That seems like a really weak motivator for attempting to defy a government agency, reverse time, and now kidnapping.


Still, Urachi is entirely self-motivated and really hasn’t thought about anyone outside of himself so I wouldn’t want to see him come out on top. It is also good to see Kei relying on the others to keep his plan, whatever it is, moving even if he does seem to be using his ‘friends’ like chess pieces in this match.


From the looks, this show has two episodes left and I’m really hoping it can end on the high it seems to be heading for and doesn’t manage to fall apart by trying to be overly clever at the end. If it can do that, than this has the potential to be one of my favourite shows of the year despite how irritating I found a lot of the first half. Of course, that is ‘if it can do that’.

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Karandi James.


4 thoughts on “Sagrada Reset Episode 22: What’s Next, Kei?

  1. It sucks a ton of people didn’t give this anime a shot because this show, psychologically speaking, is one of the best I have ever seen. It is very very slow but REALLY makes the mind think. Kei is a freaking beast in his own right. I think most people dropped it because when they watch an anime they don’t really want to “think” about what they are watching. This show almost feels like a mind game for your brain. Another favorite masterpiece anime of mine (that is slow) is Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu. Have you seen that one Karandi? Many people passed on it because they couldn’t get past the pacing, but if you did stay to watch it you were in for a treat. It’s in my top 10 anime list of all time.

    1. I couldn’t get into Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu. The pacing was a problem but it was more I just didn’t get into an of the characters in the first few episodes so let it go. Though I do recall seeing a lot of praise for that anime.
      I think Sagrada may be one of those stories that will be better once it is finished and you don’t have to wait a week inbetween episodes. The first half won’t feel so painfully long when you can just binge it and it doesn’t take three months to get through.
      Still, in terms of bringing all the loose threads together, this ending seems to be doing a brilliant job which is making so much of those early episodes now feel actually meaningful.

      1. You definitely have to make it past the first several episodes in order to get to the meat of Shouwa. The second season is brilliantly laid out! But I definitely get what you are saying about Sagrada being an anime that is probably better suited to watch in one sitting. Sometimes I even have trouble remembering what I watched on last weeks episode because it is so meticulously thought out. You brain has to keep up or you’re going to miss a crap load of information.

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