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This is a really odd show. It isn’t good. That much is fairly clear at this point. A good three quarters of this episode is spent watching various characters talk at other characters (they can’t really be said to be talking to other characters). We also have emotional extortion in the form of threats of self-harm which are carried out and I don’t think that knowing he’s planning a reset makes wrist slashing any more acceptable (though if he had to surely he could have chosen a better weapon than a broken bottle). But they wrap up the whole Mari isn’t a real girl story and everyone is happy. We used our powers somewhat unethically to emotionally blackmail both the bureau and a parent and of course now everything will be fine.


Let me just say, if that had been the end of the episode I was pretty much done with this. Then they did something actually interesting.

Note: Spoiler.

We have a reset where they don’t change the events but something changes. And because they’ve reset, they can’t go back and fix it. So the question the audience now has is who else is aware of the reset and able to change things.

Though, if I thought they might go into that straight away I guess I was mistaken because we then get a 2 year time skip and bureau guy is now looking after the club he pretty much told our two main characters they had to join. End episode.

So yeah, odd.

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10 thoughts on “Sagrada Reset Episode 2

  1. Y’know what baffles me so much much, I’m so shocked that David Production of all studios was picked to handle this show. I don’t know much about Sakurada Reset, but it’s obviously a very psychological and character-centric story, but David Production is the big-dumb-fun studio, they make ridiculous stuff like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Level E and Inu x Boku SS! Were they picked because JoJo’s has people with ridiculously specific powers and Sakurada Reset also has people with ridiculously specific powers? If so, that’s the stupidest reason ever to pick a studio. Honestly, the whole way through episode 1, I was thinking “If only Shaft had done this show, imagine the flair Akiyuki Shinbo could’ve brought to this!” (I mean, I’m a Shinbo fanboy so I’m biased, but seriously just think about the possibility!)

    I’ll try episode 2 for myself, but at least now it’ll hurt a bit less when I get disappointed, thanks for warning me in advance XD

    1. I’m still not entirely sure this one is a complete loss. There’s still the possibility of them doing something now that they’ve gotten through the intro. Okay, these first two episodes definitely could have been handled better.

        1. There’s a reason I pay little attention to MAL scores. People are scoring the series already after 2 episodes. Unless MAL has individual episode scores. For all the viewer knows this could end up being a masterpiece with a slow start, or it could be a complete trainwreck yet they are scoring it on an opening impression and I have to wonder how many will go and change their score later.

          1. You are on to something there. I know with Tanya the Evil, the score started out fairly poorly and shot up towards the end. Great advice Karandi. Thank you.

  2. i didnt really consider the possibility that someone else could have affected the timeline after the reset (the most likely culprit in that case would probably be sumire herself). ive been thinking about it a lot and ive come to hope that the reset is meant to show that misora’s resets can cause events to change without an external force, because it means her power can actually do things on its own

    1. Though then her power isn’t reset but something else so that would mean they spent two episodes explaining something to us incorrectly… Actually, you might have a point there. They may very well be doing that. I’m still hoping for external interference because I think that would be kind of fun.

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