Sagrada Reset Episode 14



This episode kind of took talk fest to a new level as we had various characters insist they are right and that they know some sort of truth and the audience is left wondering what the point of any of it is given everything of consequence occurs only within the dream world. If they are asking us to wonder about the validity of actions within the dream world and whether they are of consequence and whether this is real or not, I guess it works, but otherwise I’ve kind of lost track of what the actual plot of this story is.


Next episode is the last in this particular story arc so I guess we’ll wrap up the dream world thing but whether that brings us any closer to knowing what this story ultimately intends, who knows.


Part of me wishes I didn’t care what Soma’s plan was, what Kei is ultimately trying to accomplish and whether Misora ever develops an identity outside of Kei. A lot of me wishes that I didn’t care about the nature of the entire town and whether they ever explain any of it. This isn’t fun to watch but I’m continually compelled to watch just one more in the hopes of some sort of answer.

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