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I’m kind of lost again with the timeline on this story. I think we jumped forward again after the resurrection/recovery of Sumire but I’m not entirely sure. That aside, she’s alive and giving cryptic messages and answers to people seemingly for the sake of them not explaining things. That really drives me crazy about this show. It seems she has no actual reason not to tell someone and yet she simply gives them the ‘that’s a secret’ line and the audience are left with nothing to go on and nothing to work with. If we at least knew the reason for her secret keeping that would be something.

Outside of that, I am glad that Sumire set Kei right about who was responsible for her resurrection and subsequent life. He didn’t listen, but she least explicitly pointed out it was her plan and he isn’t responsible for what happens next.


Now if only Misora could take a page out of this book and not just blindly listen to and follow Kei. I’m sorry, but Kei’s reaction to Misora’s reaction after the black out just kind of made me want to slap him.


About the episode itself, they go inside a dream world because Kei is interested in seeing whether this will help Sumire (even though Sumire has told him that it isn’t his problem) and for some reason they take the cat girl with them but we don’t see her again this episode (guess that’s important later), and for some reason there’s someone from the Bureau there as well. Other than that,  I got nothing in terms of what this episode does. Well, Kei gets cookies.

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3 thoughts on “Sagrada Reset Episode 12

  1. yeah, the timeline of this series is such a mess. id be fine if the story felt contiguous, but it feels like random side stories get dropped just to throw the entire timeline out of sync

    1. The time jumps just seem so meaningless at times. It would be fine if it felt like it was adding something to the story but all it does is add unnecessary confusion. This show really isn’t very nice to its viewers.

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