Sagrada Reset Episode 10



This show is incredibly frustrating. Sagrada Reset this week took us back to Kei’s first experienced reset and his first time realising his ability as well as his first encounter with the Bureau. That in and of itself is more than enough information for an episode if they deal with any of it but instead it is more a check list that we go through before rushing on to the apparent point of this episode which is bringing a dead girl back to life by bringing her out of a photo.


There’s also plenty of discussion around the MacGuffin, the idea of writing a plot or program, stories and protagonists, and motives but ultimately we’re still completely in the dark about anything except that the girl did die but she died knowing she’d come back to life so didn’t really seem to care.  Oh, and all the discussions about robots, swamp people etc came back because why not throw every confused conversation into one episode, not develop it any further or confirm anything, but kind of give every character a knowing kind of look like any of them have a clue what is going on either.

So, frustrating.

Sagrada Reset is available on AnimeLab.

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