Sagrada Reset Episode 1



In a town where a lot of people have strange abilities one girl is able to reset the world up to three days. This is fairly pointless until she meets the boy who can perfectly recall memory.


Really hoping this isn’t forewarning that there is no story here.

I’m not certain where this is going or if there is an overall plot, but for a first episode this was intriguing. Definitely slow, and really quiet. That was one thing I continually noticed throughout the episode was the absence of sound which made the few moments of background noise (whether it be wind or cicadas) really stand out. ย The characters are a little robotic in their mannerisms (though it seems like a deliberate choice) but so far this has managed to make me very curious. Possibly that will turn to boredom but I’m kind of hoping this can remain interesting as there’s certainly enough possibilities floating about and the discussions about choices and morality, while heavy handed, are so far pretty interesting.

Sagrada Reset is available on AnimeLab.

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7 thoughts on “Sagrada Reset Episode 1

  1. As the shows for this season were being announced this was one that really stood out for me but there seems to be some really mixed write ups – mainly people seem to be conflicted on the wood nature of the main characters. Anyway, it’s not available in the UK at the moment so I’ll have to follow the reviews – hopefully a plot of some kind starts to make itself clear in the next couple of episodes though.

    1. I’m hoping so. There’s definitely some possibilities though if it takes too long to get moving the characters are definitely going to become a problem.

  2. I saw this one this morning while checking if the next episode for Attack on Titan was there already. After reading this first impression it does sound very intriguing. The storyline is quite unique if I am being honest. Hopefully this will turn into something good ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. The storyline is intriguing though some of the criticism around the characterisation during episode one that I’ve been reading on other blogs is warranted. I kind of think they are are doing it deliberately and I’d love to see there be a purpose to it, but it could just be bad characterisation and I’m flimsily trying to give them an excuse. Future episodes will tell.

  3. I’m really digging this one so far.

    It was a little slow in places, but I have confidence that David Production will come out on top by the end with this adaptation. They’re a solid studio and always take on really weird and unique works that tend to stand out, like Jojo and Level E, so I have a feeling this will be the same.

    Looking forward to seeing your write ups for this one.

    1. Hopefully it becomes something good. I’m certainly interested enough in the premise but it was definitely slow going this first episode.

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