Run With The Wind Episode 6: No Need to Be Frantic. It’ll absolutely blow over soon

Run With the Wind Episode 6

This week’s episode of Run With The Wind focuses almost exclusively on King, as the last hold out really on the track team. Even those other members who aren’t wholly committed or convinced that they will run in Hakone are now more or less diligently turning up to training and seem to be enjoying it, whether they admit it or not.

Run With The Wind Episode 6

This would all be fine if King were a more interesting character. However, his job search is really not particularly compelling as a piece of drama (while understandable that he would be stressed it isn’t as though he can search every minute of every day) and his visit to a mahjong parlour just seemed empty. I get they are trying to show him being a little bit lost and directionless but it all just makes his refusal to run seem more like stubborn and pointless pride (for the first time in six episodes, Haiji was not the most annoying character in the show).

Run With The Wind Episode 6

Despite the King focus, they didn’t forget the other characters with the twins having some great lines, Kakeru having another one on one with Haiji (though these are starting to get repetitive as it seems we are hearing variations on the same conversation), and Prince certainly gets another fairly solid moment here (still my favourite character). Basically, individual characters in this show might grate on me or not really be as nuanced as I’d like for what they seem to be striving for, but the ensemble as a whole is pretty great and the show is at its best when it lets the characters interact in a way that flows naturally from one conversation from the next.


Still, the team are all in now and it looks like next week we’re heading to a race so I guess we will see what happens. The idea of Prince competing right at the moment is pretty golden given everything so I’ll look forward to that.

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