Run With The Wind Episode 4: A Wind of Change

Run With The Wind Episode 4

I know I said I wanted them to get Kakeru’s angsty back story out there and over with, but this episode took that very literally with the majority of the episode focusing on Kakeru still being torn about running and his emotional state. We finally see the events that lead up to him ending up stealing the bread and his side of that story, though there are still a few key points missing as to how it got to that point in the first place. However, we also see more about Kakeru running in high school and why he has some issues around the idea of teams.

Run With The Wind Episode 4

Now, Haiji comes through in this episode for both Kakeru and Prince giving just the right words of encouragement. This would be great except it kind of smacks of insincerity when he tells Kakeru to do what he wants to do after essentially coercing the entire dorm into running in the first place. Still, it was the right word at the right time so  I guess Haiji maintains his status as a fairly solid manipulator.

Run With The Wind Episode 4

Of course, the MVP of this episode is Prince. Both in his interactions with Kakeru at the university and his outrage at the end before fainting where just kind of great moments. Of all the characters so far, Prince is the one who I really have enjoyed getting to know, though I still feel a bit sorry for him getting dragged out running all the time. Still, most of the characters don’t seem to be complaining as much or seem to be being dragged so much anymore. In fact, there’s a definite sweeping mood change that even the characters note that almost half of them are actually fully on-board with this whole running thing now.

Run With The Wind Episode 4

So basically, things continue to play out as expected in terms of character and plot. Visually this anime remains really beautifully done and the pacing of the episode is great. I’m still really enjoying how this story is executed and I’m looking forward to more of this show.

4 thoughts on “Run With The Wind Episode 4: A Wind of Change

  1. I like how some of the characters a starting to get involved not because of Haiji’s overt direct manipulation… but because they’re getting caught up by what’s going on around them. Prince’s monologue went a long way towards driving that.

    Very subtly done, and VERY realistic.

    1. Yes, I’ll have to admit Run With The Wind is very well written. I may not like Haiji as a character or the idea of watching running, but it is hard not to like this anime as it is just really good.

  2. I’m not really expecting this show to take a different approach to sports anime and I don’t think it needs to. Production IG knows what they’re doing, evident by the success of Haikyuu. Just a feel good, slice of life, coming of age, sports anime that serves as eye candy as a bonus. Although I do hate the part where Kakeru just goes speechless and then meekly says we’ll meet again. I wanted a little more emotion from him like he’s shown with the other dorm mates, but I do understand that it’s because he’s ashamed of his past. Either way it’s one of my favorite series this season. Great episode review!

    1. While this isn’t one of my favourites, I definitely appreciate how solid this anime has been. if it keeps going the way it has I’ll eventually just admit I like it even though I’ve been trying not to. Haikyuu was another anime that caught me somewhat by surprise given I went in after it had been recommended to me endlessly and I didn’t expect to like it and ended up totally hooked. So yeah, they do know what they are doing with this and hopefully they continue to do it well.

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