Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori First Impressions


For those who know my usual tastes in anime, you will know this one doesn’t fall in with them at all. Yet there was something definitely soothing about this first episode. Your thoughts?


I’m not a major fan of slice of life and normally a first episode where so little happens would have me watching the timer and waiting for the episode to end. Really, we see the guys preparing to serve at the cafe and we see the overworked and stressed out girl. We then listen to various conversations about menus while we watch the girl slowly get less stressed out before eating what looks to be a truly fantastic meal before cheerfully leaving. Then the guys add a new item to their menu and go cherry blossom viewing. Even just writing that out I wonder how I made it to the end of the episode.


I’m not going to argue that this slice of life is amazing or does anything people who watch that type of anime haven’t seen before. However, this was a case of right time and place and I really just fell into a happy watching coma while watching this. Whether I make a whole season remains to be seen, but I finished this episode feeling very relaxed (and more than a little hungry).

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Karandi James


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15 thoughts on “Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori First Impressions

  1. I felt so serene watching this. I feel like I should be bored since nothing happened but no, it was just a comfortable feeling.

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