Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori Episodes 4 + 5: Seriously, What?


After the interesting turn taken in episode 3, this anime takes a bit of a nose dive through episodes 4 and 5 as we return to episodic events and, in the case of episode 5, events that are just weird.


There might still end up being an ongoing drama in this anime, as presented in episode 3, but essentially episode 4 gives us two disconnected episodic events in serving a character who really wanted to eat tempura and then a story about the boys finding a kitten. Both of these were fine in their own way and certainly continued the relaxing feel of the first two episodes, but after seeing a hint of what this anime might be I was a little disappointed.

This is not what I was looking for when I asked for hot boys in a cafe.

Then episode 5. I’m just going to ask, why? Admittedly, the story of a guy who wants to report on cafes but doesn’t feel comfortable going into one isn’t anything new in anime. I’m not sure why Japanese males feel they can’t enter a cafe in anime and whether this is actually a thing, but it is a fairly commonly presented issue. Of course our cafe boys help out and everything is fine.


However, soon after that, things go weird. We are in a rainstorm and the cafe cat walks past a soaking woman and leads her down an alley where we have a door to a restaurant where the boys from our usual cafe seem to have all been given personality make-overs and for some reason are being very pretentious about food. For a moment I felt like we’d fallen into an episode of food wars without the actual conflict.

What anime am I watching right now?

Honestly, episode 5 was a definite miss for me. So after three episodes of really enjoying this anime, and thinking at episode 3 that maybe this would be great, episodes 4 and 5 have brought my expectations back down. Episode 4 is fine, but 5 was just pushed things a bit too far for me to enjoy it. I’m kind of hoping episode 6 gets us back on track.

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14 thoughts on “Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori Episodes 4 + 5: Seriously, What?

  1. Even though I got thrown by the second half of episode 5, I took it more as a parody of what Rokuhoudou already is, crossed with some commentary on the equation of sweet things with femininity. Then again, I ended up writing a post on the latter…so that’ll explain a lot more of what I thought than I could ever say in one measly comment.

    Also, did you notice the cat at the end had a black scarf instead of the usual red one?

    1. I don’t think I’ve managed to pay that much attention to the finer details. This anime tends to relax my brain a lot, which is great, but it means I tend to zone out on a lot of things that go on so the cat scarf definitely escaped my attention.

    1. It is a shame because the first three episodes were slice of life but kind of set up some elements that looked really interesting. These two episodes, particularly episode 5, kind of made me rethink that. So this has gone from a show I was really enjoying to one that is watchable in the span of two episodes.

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