Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori Episodes 11 and 12: Bringing In The New Year


Good food and good company; while not everything wraps up nicely this slice of life allows for things to just kind of come to a close.


I get the feeling when I do a full series review of this anime I’m going to spend a lot of time saying ‘but’ as I point out that this anime does something I normally really dislike, but it works here. While this anime didn’t really give closure on the issue of Sui and his brother, it did bring us an encounter in episode 12 between the two where almost no words were exchanged, but the few that were said and the silences were quite powerful. No dramatic speeches or long winded expositions. The anime let the silence and what the audience has already discerned about their relationship speak in the scene and it was all the more affective because of it.


Outside of that, these two episodes are the usual thing for this show with the cast making people happy by feeding them ridiculously good looking food and really good coffee with terrifying latte art. It didn’t really feel like they went all out for a final episode of a season other than setting it as a New Year event for the restaurant.

You might notice I’ve barely mentioned episode 11 and that is because it is just another encounter with a character who loves the restaurant and the pottery classes. Episode 11 lays the groundwork for the events in episode 12 and that is really its only significance.


While I will get to a full review of this soon, this is one anime I’ve been fairly consistently happy with this season outside of a Gure focused episode.


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