Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori Episode 9: Back To Romance, Food and Rivalry


This episode firmly splits itself into two parts which are both equally successful in achieving their purpose making for an overall satisfying viewing experience.

Note: Do not ask Gure for love advice.

While the first half of this episode returns its focus to the male reporter who was struggling to go into cafes solo and his attempt at starting a love life, I found myself generally enjoying the sweet nothingness that was unfolding. The parallel between hi situation and the shoujo manga the boys had all read the day before was reasonable even if a bit heavy handed, and watching the date was kind of sweet.


The second half also featured a returning character, though a more annoying one. Here though it works well as it brings us back to Sui and his brother’s story and I still want a little bit more of that.


This episode isn’t overly exciting but it does have some great character moments, some excellent food shots, and just enough intrigue to make me want more.

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