Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori Episode 7: Back to Relaxation


Two stories of happy customers and the relaxing bliss of this food anime from episode one returns, made more bittersweet because right now I’d rather see more of Sui’s story.


When you find out your friend is moving, and hates tea, there’s nothing to do of course except beg the cute dessert chef to help you learn how to make matcha ice-cream. The criminal aspect of this episode is, of course, that I can’t have any right at the moment and it looks delicious. This is pure fluff made heart-warming even as the first half of this episode is filled with extremely over-the top reaction faces.


Part two brings us a widower who ventures to the cafe seeking an ‘adventure’ given he so rarely leaves his home. He finds curry and apparently a new lease on life in the course of the afternoon and as always things end with a smile.

While I might seem sarcastic, I am most sincere when I say that this anime brings a genuine calm to the viewer and while I would really like the plot elements that have occasionally been introduced to be developed further, these moment in time episodes are kind of fantastic in their own way if you are chasing something resembling bliss.

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