Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori Episode 6: The Start of Sui’s Rokyhoudou


While the boys clean the shop, the narrative takes us back to when Sui still worked in an office and dreamed of reopening his grandfather’s restaurant. This anime is taking its time but it seems to be getting somewhere.


It wasn’t much of an episode really in terms of plot and even the character reveals weren’t great. We kind of already knew that Sui hadn’t always run the restaurant and we also already knew there were issues between him and his brother. Yet this is one of those cases where the point is the journey and not the destination and the journey was pretty enjoyable. While the food shots weren’t as spectacular, the general peaceful air that permeated the first two episodes came back and made for quite the relaxing tale as we learned about how Rokuhoudou came back to life.


Of course now I want to know when the other two guys came on board and where the story with the brother is going but I guess that kind of means the episode did its job in making me want to know more about the show.

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9 thoughts on “Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori Episode 6: The Start of Sui’s Rokyhoudou

  1. Hadn’t been for this ep, I’d have dropped *Rokuhoudou*, as the “helping people with the power of food” schtick was getting old quickly. *Rokuhoudou* has been at it’s best when it concentrates on the staff rather than random customers of the week.

    1. I agree. The staff are more interesting than they at first appeared and so far the episodes that have focused on them have been significantly stronger than the others.

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