Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori Episode 2: Calming With Just a Hint of Drama


I swear this anime comes with subliminal messages because it is so incredibly relaxing to watch. What did you think of the second episode?


There was an indescribably feeling (that I’m still going to try and describe) of absolute relaxation that hit me while watching this. From the slow pace of the interactions between characters, the beautiful attention to details with the cafe, the food, and really just everything, and the general idea of the anime, by the end of the episode the tension that had built up in my shoulders after quite the long day at work had utterly gone. I was almost ready just to curl up and have a nap where before I’d been wound up pretty tight and had felt on edge.


I was however left wondering why this was so relaxing where most slice of life anime just leave me bored. Part of the reasoning comes from the fact that they did introduce a specific ‘problem’ for the episode that was resolved by the end even as they alluded to an ongoing drama in the series with the conflict between tradition and the modern fast paced society we live in (that and a potential group that might be trying to put them out of business). But even then, it wasn’t much of a problem or much of conflict.


As bizarre as it might sound, possibly the age of the characters and their voices, all quite low and soothing, has something to it. While the girl introduced in this episode had a fairly squeaky voice (though not by anime standards), I would honestly love to have the rest of the cast on tape to listen to when I was trying to sleep. Okay, maybe that isn’t what some people are looking for, but right now, an anime that relaxes me this much is kind of welcome.

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14 thoughts on “Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori Episode 2: Calming With Just a Hint of Drama

  1. The second ep leaves with me high hopes for the rest of the season… It’s not going to be a one-trick-pony, just repeating the first with slight variations. (Something a lot of place based anime like this fall into.)

    1. It does seem like it is going to have something resembling an ongoing plot even as it does the usual slice of life stuff. I’m kind of hopeful at this point as well even though this definitely isn’t my usual kind of thing.

  2. I remember putting this on my Plan to Watch List on MAL and only just I started watching this week. I enjoyed it and I can’t wait to see where the story goes.

    1. It’s odd. With almost everything else I’m criticising it for taking its time getting the story set up. With this one, I’m actually happy enough just watching with a few hints that maybe a story might happen. If they don’t get around to a grand plot, I’ll still be fine with that.

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