RobiHachi Review Episodes 4 + 5


There’s something fishy about the pacing here.

Hachi excited over fish - RobiHachi

Episode 4

Robi and Hachi’s journey this week was a little on the shallow side and I think they knew that. Interspersed with their journey we kept flashing back to the debt collector and his assistants getting a bit of backstory on Robi’s debt and how the other two came to work for the debt collector. The end result is workable but not exceptional.


There were two noteworthy character points revealed by the events this week. The first, is that the feeling that the debt collector was personally interested in Robi is firmly reinforced through the first flashback. We see the guileless Robi requesting yet another loan for an investment that is sure to payoff but before leaving he gifts the debt collector with a snack food. It’s a small moment but works quite well and just kind of confirms what was fairly clear about the debt collector’s intense focus on following Robi.


The other moment comes from Hachi. He seems to be operating as normal but his reaction when he finds out they are being followed is a little peculiar and once they arrive on the next planet he avoids paying for their food and takes on work instead. It seems he is aware that someone is tracking him through his purchases and he’s resolved to be a little more discreet. Whether that will make any difference in the long run is another story and we’re still not sure who it is that is following him (though I would strongly suspect it would be his family).


However, the episode as a whole was a little flatter than previous ones and the silliness of the fishing sequence and the attempt to use the robot to go underwater didn’t exactly land its mark. While I still enjoy the cast here and the colourful show is hardly boring, this episode wasn’t exactly the fun ride the previous three managed. Hopefully this isn’t a sign for where the rest of this series will go.

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Episode 5

Episode 5 of RobiHachi dove us straight into the absurd as they attempt the next leg of their journey only to be told they need travel permits. The only way to get a permit is to return to earth which neither one of them feels is acceptable and so they hang out in the hot springs while considering their next move.


I’m not entirely sure that the resolution at the end is satisfying but watching the two in the hot springs and tracking down the leader of the underworld to somehow get permits was entertaining enough.


One thing I do enjoy about this series is the heavy focus on food. Hachi not only reads food reviews and chooses restaurants that have ‘specialties’ he really just enjoys the act of eating. While Robi compares his style of travel to that of a girl, I don’t know that I necessarily agree, but I do think it would be pretty fun to travel with Hachi.


If anything was missing this episode it was probably the sense that these boys are being pursued given other than a brief scene at the beginning we don’t see the debt collector or the mysterious group following Hachi.

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