Rewrite Episode 1 and 2


I’m going to suggest reading the write ups on MAL or Crunchyroll because having watched this I still don’t really know what this is about.

Review Episode 1:

I know that there are some anime that prior knowledge is needed in order to get what is going on (see D.Gray-Man review), but Rewrite takes obscure to a new level. Weird dream sequence followed by normal school day (meet all the girls because it’s based on a game) and have a few laughs. Another night, another weird encounter. So on and so forth until we end up running around the school at night and weird stuff happens. Right. Don’t get me wrong, everything is interesting and while the animation isn’t amazing it is hardly problematic (unless you were a fan and were disappointed in how your favourite character looked). I actually would really like to know what is happening and where this story is going because it could be really good. I also really like the interactions between the characters and the pace of the dialogue. This episode however (double episode or not) left me feeling like I was missing a lot. Like someone had given me the cover pages of a novel and one or two scraps of pages still in-between.

I’m going to keep watching but if the show decides not to offer any explainers in the next few episodes I’ll probably pass.

Review Episode 2:

Worse than offering no explanation, the show plunges straight into generic single boy in all girl club of no apparent purpose. Wow. I knew this was going to get dropped when my internet failed a few minutes from the end of the episode and I was relieved. I didn’t bother reloading the video once internet was restored. All that intrigue and mystery and now the ghost girl is just another one of the many girls swarming around our protagonist and he’s just kind of going through the motions of initiating conversations with a wide cast of characters I guess we’re supposed to care about but unless you already had a vested interest in them this episode was offering nothing.


And dropped.

Rewrite is available on Crunchyroll.

6 thoughts on “Rewrite Episode 1 and 2

  1. oh wow… this sounds alot worse than I imagined it to be. Thanks for the heads up. I hate wasting my time on a series. I’m one of those people that give a series far too long (sometimes watching the whole thing) then regret it after.

    1. Just my opinion. As you probably saw in the comments, others feel it has merit. For me though, with so many other series I was already following, this one just didn’t feel worth my time.

  2. Just watch the opening to see what you should expect from this.

    Also explaining things in 2 episode would be really terrible for rewrite. In the VN nothing were explained at this point in time. Even when things were being explained it come in pieces as we were given the same thing as MC. To get to the full picture you have to get to final route and connect the pieces.

    So far the director said they will make this understandable for anime only viewers which I think is doable if they adapt Season 1 (common + this 6th (original) route) and Season 2 (Moon + Terra). The only thing I am worried about is they are going to crammed even that into 13 episodes. So unless common route go up to episode 6 or 7 the cramming is quite possible. If this happened I suggested you should drop this anime and just go for the VN if you are still interested.

    As far as the anime is going I think you should get back your mindset from episode 1. This anime have a lot of foreshadowing going on, some of the event require you to know about characters but even anime only viewer can pick up on suspicious things.

    Things like, in episode 2 Akane said she doesn’t believe in magic/occult but the shikigami she give obviously work. So did she lie? She was said to be a loner, or someone that can’t even be found unless she want to be found, yet why did she invite MC? What about other girls? Do they have other motivations? Well that was the obvious questions, there are also things about other characters doing things that were so normal/generic from 1st time view but look totally different when you have the knowledge. The mystery and intrigue are still there in Episode 2.

    Well episode 2 is mostly for showing Akane, Shizuru, Lucia’s bits of personality and how the club formed from a moment of temptation. A bit of foreshadowing here and there, decisions, mistakes. etc.

    This anime give the viewer a childhood friend character that isn’t interested in MC and obviously pushing him to others girls & guys. I think that is plenty non generic already. I can’t explain about chi-chan’s episode 1 behaviors without spoilers though.
    I don’t think one should write off a series as generic in one episode. Of cos I am a VN reader so my view is biased.

    Anyway unless you like to speculate this anime might not be for you. But if you finish reading my rambling and consider continuing this anime. I suggest you to question a lot of things and speculate. I enjoy it a lot more like that. Because as of next episode you are still going to get more mysteries, hints and perhaps a little bit about MC powers I think. Really a lot of anime viewing site forget to add “Mystery” tag in rewrite.

    Sorry for my wall of text and bad english btw. Hope you enjoy the anime if you continue watching.

  3. I suggest playing a VN if this wasn’t good enough. My biggest complaint with this anime is that it seems heavily aimed at the VN fans. Everything makes sense to me.

    That said, I expect things to be explained soon. They can’t explain anything just yet because that would be massively rushing it. We’re supposed to be as oblivious as Kotarou.

    “Worse than offering no explanation, the show plunges straight into generic single boy in all girl club of no apparent purpose. ” – There definitely is reason but this aspect was HEAVILY rushed. This is part of the common route in the VN, and took multiple hours to recruit them all with a bunch of hilarious conversation that also moved the overall plot. I was very sad when they basically just teleported there.

    “All that intrigue and mystery and now the ghost girl is just another one of the many girls swarming around our protagonist” – This I don’t understand, I guess. For one, “Harem” kinda stuff should be expected in an anime based on a VN. They usually pick one, of course. But Kagari is very different than the rest of the girls. She isn’t a student for one thing, and she didn’t join the club so I wouldn’t say she’s “just another one fo the many girls swarming.” She has a very different reason for going after him, that will probably be explained in the next few episodes.

    Of course I might be a little optimistic. I had massive doubts about this anime, despite it being based on my favorite Visual Novel ever. I hate 8-Bit Studios. They’re awful at animation, awful at original stories (Comet Lucifer for example), and overall just have made low-quality products thus far. The animation in Rewrite has actually been better than I expected LOL. Episode 1 and 2 have been a lot better than I had even hoped they would be. It probably helps that it’s an original route so they didn’t really have to “adapt” half of it (a lot is also from the “Common Route”). But while I’m hopeful for the anime, I still hold doubts about 8-Bit. The fact that it’s only 13 episodes says to me that they might not even go into details about the World it takes place in. It’s far more than what it seems and is actually a really deep story.

    TLDR; Read the Visual Novel (should be out on Steam two years or so), and/or come back to this when it finishes airing…it might be easier to swallow on a binge, if they do it right.

    1. Yeah, but if the anime can’t stand on it’s own I’m just not that interested. If a story can only work with prior knowledge than it isn’t really trying to appeal to people who lack it and it hasn’t been interesting enough to make me want to investigate further.

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