Reminder to Vote for the Best and Worst of Summer 2017

summer 2017

This is just a reminder post for those who may have missed it last week. The poll is open and I’d love to know your choices for the best and worst of the season.  Also, please share as the more the merrier. The poll will remain open until October 2 and results will be released soon after.

For the best of Summer 2017: as always, by best I am merely asking for the show you found the most entertaining. It does not actually need to be technically proficient or a masterpiece, just fun to watch and something that you eagerly looked forward to each week. If you want to give your reasons, please leave a comment.

Secondly, we have the worst of the Summer Season. While it might be fun to slam shows just for existing, I’d like to ask that we keep to shows you actually watched the majority of and they just didn’t get any better or do anything recommendable. So while the result may not actually be the worst show out there, it should reflect the worst show that people actually watched.

Thanks for your votes and again, if you ‘d like to tell us what you voted for an why, leave a comment and we can get the conversation going.

Thanks for reading.

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3 thoughts on “Reminder to Vote for the Best and Worst of Summer 2017

  1. Gah, stipulating that I had to have watched a good bit of it makes it hard to choose worst of the season because I dropped pretty aggressively this time around and I don’t feel right saying something like Fastest Finger First is the worst one out of what I kept.

    Also noticed several titles missing? I can’t go back and check after I’ve voted but I don’t remember seeing Altair or Gamers! in your poll.

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