Release the Spyce Episode 5: My Mentor is Amazing

Release the Spyce Episode 5

They are really hammering this mentor-student relationship point. Last week we focused almost exclusively on Mei and Fu and this week we shift back to our focus on Momo joining the team and her relationship with her Mentor (and does anyone else find it a little creepy how often Hanzoumon is just kind of hanging around where Momo is. Throw away line or not about mentors always being near their students doesn’t make that less stalkerish.


However, the episode this week focuses on the girls following up a lead so they actually do something that looks spy like as they infiltrate a lab. Only it kind of looks like the lab is a bust and they end up getting distracted with some petty criminal gang trading drugs. This leads to a fight on a train with the drugged up woman from a few episodes back and they really pushed this one for credibility.


Stronger and tougher I could buy, but biting through a knife and catching bullets in her teeth is just a little bit extreme. Not to mention, Momo’s attacks did nothing. After all the training she has done I somehow doubt she’s that weak. And then the mentor comes into the fight and quickly ends it. It kind of feels a little anti-climatic given I can’t imagine what would actually hurt Hanzoumon at this point.


Still, if you want your feel good moments, Momo getting to celebrate her birthday, spending some quality time with her friends from school and with the spies, both give a little bit of cheer to this otherwise fairly by-the-numbers affair. I was wondering if they would figure out they’d been sent on a chase with the drugs but of course Hanzoumon is on it. After all, she’s amazing.

4 thoughts on “Release the Spyce Episode 5: My Mentor is Amazing

  1. Lol…catching bullets with teeth huh? That does seem to be a little bit extreme to say the least 😂😂 I can go along with things like this, but, well this does sound like it’s way too much over the top. Well, I can’t see this one anyway, but despite everything I am still curious about it. If it becomes available at some point, I might give it a bingewatch 😊😊

  2. Are you familiar with the James Bond movies? In Moonraker there’s a henchman villain called ‘Jaws’ who this episodes villain is obviously inspired by. Its been a while since I’ve seen that movie but I’m 99% sure he shrugs off a knife attack and catches a bullet in his teeth—yes it’s absolutely ludicrous but that’s also the point. A superhuman villain who can’t be taken down by conventional methods and gadgets and therefore takes ingenuity and quick thinking to outwit the brute force.

    1. I get the basic idea but I’m not really a fan of it. While Momo’s incredible physical transformation in a few months of training stretched credibility, for the most part the characters in this show act just within the bounds of plausible. This villain just kind of shot any kind of pretence that this was plausible in the foot. While the show may never have been trying to be realistic (I mean high school spies fighting criminal organisations isn’t exactly realistic), there was always a bit of an ability to just go with it. I don’t know, I guess I just prefer my fantasy to be fantasy and something like this I enjoy it more when it stays within a near proximity to plausibility. So personal preference, but I really didn’t like where they went here.

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