Release the Spyce Episode 3: It’s All About the Team

Release the Spyce Episode 3

I was really hoping for more than a work as part of a team and play your part kind of resolution to Momo’s troubles starting out as a spy. I mean, it makes logical sense that she needs to work as part of the team and follow her orders, but it just seems like in the process of getting us to this resolution they jettisoned all of the training that she did last week and took her back to more or less square zero.


Outside of that minor complaint though, this week we get a series of missions from the team as they close in on small leads of their enemy and work their way up the food chain. Despite Momo’s repeated blunders, the team succeeds at gaining what they need each and every time, though the ease of these missions makes more sense when you realise the enemy seems to just be playing them and waiting to see if the traitor’s information is actually reliable.


I do think the villains are going to run out of minions if they keep turning all of them into drug test subjects, though that’s a minor worry in a world set up as implausible as this one is in the first place, so not the biggest issue going.


One thing the show does right is it remains energetic, it keeps things moving, and the interactions between the characters are still pretty fun. All and all, this show remains enjoyable but also pretty average from the plot point of view. Still, average is good enough as long as it is entertaining.

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